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fire insurance

Get protected before it’s too late!

When something can go wrong, something will go wrong. But when things turn from good to bad, you don’t need to be at the receiving end. Let AFPGEN protect you.

For 35 years we have been protecting the defenders of the nation, our Armed Forces and Police personnel. For 35 years, we have made sure that our security field cannot be breached. For 35 years, we have continued to move towards innovation in line with our tradition of commitment to our clients. We’re looking forward to 35 years and beyond of quality service.

Unknown to a lot of people we are also accepting non-military clients. Now is the best time to insure your future and protect your properties!

Top-notch service does not have to be expensive

AFPGEN, you non-life insurance corporation is dedicated to offering excellent service at the most affordable prices. We are aware of the hard work and efforts you have invested in order to acquire your properties. Let us protect what you built and the fruits of your labor.

We can cover your house and its contents against fires, earthquakes, and other perils. We can reinstate your damaged car and free you from the worries of an accident resulting in the destruction of property, injury to third parties, and death. AFPGEN can also support your business requirements such as performance or bidder’s bonds, engineering insurance, marine cargo insurance and other miscellaneous insurance.



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